How to Provide Facebook Access

When creating a Facebook advertising campaign, there are two sets of admin access that we require.

The first is for your Facebook Page and then your Advertiser Account.


Here are the steps to give access to your Facebook Page:

1. First you will need to add our agency account as a friend using the link below.

Please email us back as soon as you have done this, so we can accept your request.

2. Go to your page and click “Settings” in the top bar.



2. Click “Page Roles” in the left column



3. Type the name Mitchell Bradley Gibson and press “Save”. (Only do this once the friend request has been approved)

Here are the steps to give  access to your Facebook Advertiser Account:

1. Once we have accepted your friend request, you will need to go to:

2. Scroll down to were it says “Advert account roles” and click “Add Person”


Next,  scroll down to where it says Ad Account Roles, click Add Person and start typing the name “Mitchell Bradley Gibson” until you see it.

Again, once this is done, shoot over a quick email to let us know.

NOTE: Please make sure you select “Advert Account Admin” and NOT “Advert Account Advertiser”